Scams and Fraud Awareness

At Britam, we take a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and deception. We are committed to protecting our clients and potential employees from all forms of fraudulent activities as described below.

Premium Embezzlement fraud

Premium embezzlement fraud in insurance occurs when an insurance agent or broker collects premiums from clients but fails to remit part or the full amount to the insurance company. Instead, the agent or broker keeps the money for personal gain.

Premium embezzlement fraud can occur in any type of insurance, such as motor insurance, domestic cover, or life insurance. It can have serious consequences for policyholders, who may believe that they have coverage when in fact they do not. If a claim is filed and the policy has lapsed due to non-payment of premiums, the policyholder may not receive the benefits they expected.

To prevent premium embezzlement fraud, Policyholders can protect themselves by keeping detailed records of their insurance payments and verifying that their payments have been received and credited to their accounts. They can also check with the insurance company to ensure that their policies are in effect and that all premiums have been paid.

In addition, individuals can research the reputation of insurance agents and brokers before doing business with them, and report any suspected fraud to the insurance company or to law enforcement authorities.

Get In touchReport a Fraud Incident

If you wish to report via call, the Toll free whistleblowing facility contacts are set out below:

Country Reporting Contacts
Kenya 0800 724 966
Uganda 0800 724 966
Tanzania 0800 724 966
Mozambique 0800 724 966
Malawi 0800 724 966

Alternatively, you can reach out through our Whatsapp number which is available for all countries.

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